Why The Internet Has Altered The Movie Experience Altogether

The internet, in many quarters, has made life relatively easier. Access to a lot of things has been simplified a lot as long as one has an internet enable device. Most of the products coming off assembly lines are internet enabled. Cars, for instance, have this provision for one to update their Electronic Control Units (E.C.U.) via the internet.

In essence, the internet has permeated every arena of life and the trend doesn’t seem to wane any time soon.

The entire movie experience has been altered. Baby boomers and millennial are familiar with VHS tapes. They were synonymous with the home movie experience. As times have gone, VHS tapes have more or less become obsolete and DVDs seem to be headed that route. Now, people have turned to the internet to view their favourite movies.

So how far have online movie stores permeated? What is the place of brick and mortar stores?

The rise of fibre optic internet connections

Fibre optic internet connections have enable the fast transmission of information. Most people have ditched broadband connections primarily for this reason. People are using fibre optic internet connections to stream movies online without waiting for the videos to buffer.

Since every internet enabled device has LAN port where one can connect an Ethernet cable, those devices that are capable of displaying can play movies.

With fast internet, new and crystal clear pictures abound

When High Definition (HD) came out, people thought that pictures could not get clearer. However, 4K resolution came out and it blew HD right out of the water. More is still to come with 5K resolution in its final stages of development. In short, the future of television is evolving fast and the quality of pictures provided evolving even faster.

What this basically means for movie-goers is that they are in for a new sensory experience every time they stream for a movie.

The quality of the picture affects the speed of the stream but all the same, provided the internet connection is very strong, then you should choose highest quality picture.

More stores and access

Home movies will never be the same. You don’t have to imagine a world in which you don’t have very huge video libraries in your living room. You also don’t have to imagine a world where you have to line up various stores in order to get that movie that you can watch.

Enhanced access to a variety of movies is just one of the side effects that come with movies. Local stores have a limited selection. Because of the economy of space, they have to sacrifice some titles in order to conserve this space.

However, with the internet, anything you want you can find. In fact, all you have to do is to type in the search box of that online store the movie that you want. It is a simple as that.

Another plus that comes with renting a movie from an online store is that you don’t have to pay late fees. When VHS tapes were all the rage, the bane of most people’s existence was to be asked to fork out something extra so in the way of late fees. For some reason, there was always that tape that you didn’t return and it had astronomic fees. The truth is that those fees were a way of those movie stores to make some extra money because rental fees weren’t just cutting it.

However, the internet movie store has eliminated all that. You don’t have to pay late fees anymore. All you have to do is just pay the monthly membership.

Extra features

How did one decide that they wanted to see a particular movie during the VHS days? One way was that people usually acted on the recommendations of friends that this or that movie was very good. For others, they had a glimpse of a movie trailer that enticed them in one way or another. Others would simply just take a leap of faith and watch movie hoping that it was good.

However, the online movies have extra features like trailers and, reviews and ratings. If you needed to make an informed decision, then you had to factor in everything.

Online movie libraries enable you to change language if you so choose. Old VHS tapes didn’t offer one this luxury.

Overall, the internet has changed the movie buff experience completely. You will find that classics have been re-mastered to conform HD for a clear viewing experience. Why not try it out and see if you like.