What Every Parent Needs To Know When Considering An Entertainer For Their Child’s Event

Today, there are a variety of choices for children entertainment. With the internet being pervasive and all, the bar for children entertainment has been set very high nowadays. If you are to make an event for your child a memorable one, there are some basic tenets that you should stick to when you are vetting an entertainer.

A lot of things can go wrong when you have an entertainer at the event hence it is incumbent on you as the organizer to get everything right. Below are essential tips that you should pay attention to when you intend to host an event for your kids.

1. Must be checked

When you are about to let a complete stranger in your home, you must check them out. Ensure that you leave no stone unturned when you are looking to employ them, go to the CRB to check them out. If they are self-employed, you have to check to see if they have the right documentation with their local authority. In essence, you are looking for an individual with the utmost respect for the law.

2. Must have public liability insurance

The last thing you want to be is liable for anything wrong that goes wrong with the entertainer in your premises. Most people who hire entertainers with the main aim of cutting cost completely disregard this and end up paying dearly for this. Never take this requirement lightly especially if you have other people’s kids around.

3. Checking professional association affiliation

This is another vetting system that allows you to know more about the person that you will hire to entertain kids at your event. You should probe them further to find out if they are members of accredited professional associations. If they are, then you know that you are dealing with a professional who is committed to giving top quality service to their client.

4. Variety of acts

As was mentioned earlier, it take a lot wow children nowadays on account of the entertainment that they find on the internet. It is important that the person you hire to entertain children at their event have a variety of acts to their repertoire. Each act should be better than the next so as to create awe and excitement.

5. The games that their children play

This will be useful information for the entertainer to use so that they can find a way to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and deeper level.

6. Should contact the entertainer in person

Most people tend to be impersonal when they are dealing with the entertainer; they will opt to connect via email or phone. If you are to gauge how good the individual will be as an entertainer, then you should find time go and meet them in person and feel them out. You will probably have some sort of judgement on what the individual is like and if you like them, then hire them.

7. References

When you are contemplating hiring an entertainer, it is important that you ask them for references. They will help you gauge the type of person you are dealing with and give you a greater picture of what to expect in the way of a performance.

8. Check their websites

Today, it is standard practice that all businesses have websites. It is a way of getting their name out there to the masses and hence children entertainers are no exception. During your interaction with them you should ask them if they have websites where they have showcased their past performances and events that they have done. If they have a website, they could show you when they are available and whether it will match to your schedule.

9. Costs

After you have seen what the individual can do, then it is time that you talk more about cost. Most people are held in thrall by the entertainer they want to get and they think that they can meet the cost. It is only later when the costs are mentioned that they find out that the person they intended to hire wasn’t all that they hoped. Therefore, it is important that you talk about costs beforehand; tell them your budget and negotiate if the other person’s price is too high.

10. Paying a deposit and booking confirmation

Always seek to pay a deposit first rather than the full amount upfront to avoid getting conned. Also confirm the booking in advance to avoid inconveniences that might arise.