Where The Money Lies In The Entertainment Business

There are several different types of entertaining yourself. These categories of entertainment differ from one individual to the next, depending on personalities, ages and perspectives of life. The regions where one comes from, or lives I have an effect on this too. These are cultural or societal effects. You should however remember that whatever type of entertainment you engage in is a money making business for someone somewhere out there , and your engagement in this form of entertainment, serves as a profit for those in question. This article will therefore take a look at a few of the booming entertainment industries.

Box Office

This type of entertainment industry has been in existence for a very long time. It is probably the oldest entertainment business that will be discussed in this article. The box office simply means the ‘movie making businesses. How many movies do you know of? How many have you watched? It is possible that you were born into this world when people were already making movies. They may have been black and white at the time, depending on your age, but they were still movies.

The modern day trend and technology have contributed widely to some big changes in this industry. Movies nowadays, can take up to a hundred million dollars or even more in terms of production. Actors themselves are paid in millions when it comes to certain roles in a movie. The quality of the movies themselves has developed quite largely. Most movies are produced in a manner that enables the viewers to watch it in three dimensional, therefore making it more interesting to the viewers.

The money that is invested in making these movies is insane. What is more insane, however, is the money that these movies make in return. Some movies have been known to triple their initial investment in monetary terms. Once the release air date of a movie is announced, people begin to buy tickets and these tickets are sold out, and the investment price refunds itself within a week of the sale.

Reality TV

This form of entertainment is of a newer origin. It was probably established in the late nineties but embraced in the mid thousands. Reality TV shows also garners a lot of money for the producers and the ‘actors’ themselves. The basic theme of these shows is to show the day to day lives of the people that are featured in them. They often involve a lot of ‘drama’ that some viewers perceive to be preempted but still take their time to watch.

At first, only a few of these shows were in existence but since around the year 2010, more and more of these shows have emerged. Most of them, however, have a very short life spun and air for only one season or even half a season, depending on the viewership they garner.

Not many of them garner a lot of viewership as some are viewed as ‘trying too hard’ or ‘too fake’. Those who have been able to succeed in this industry have however been able to gain fame and also a lot of money. The money and fame that they get has enabled them to be brand ambassadors, and to start and establish their own businesses, therefore making their presence in the society known and felt.

Talk Shows

Talk shows are another form of the entertainment industry that has grown largely. While talk shows such as the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ have existed for long time, today’s shows differ from it, and other shows of that time, in many ways. While they are still informative, talk shows tend to be more entertaining than they used to be. And just like reality TV shows, there are many talk shows at your disposal.

These shows are more engaging than those of the past, and the presenters somehow compete with each other in a respectable manner. They involve several celebrity interviews too. These celebrities are more engaging to their fans during these shows than they are on normal occasions. Some of these shows even involve games that the host and the celebrity play, and interactive sessions where listeners get a chance to pose some questions to the celebrity. Some of the celebrities even do live performances of a song that they are debuting or a song that the public has requested for. All these aspects, and more, make talk shows very interesting and therefore makes the shows garner a lot of money through viewership alone.