People And Entertainment: The Variations Of Entertainment In The 21st Century

Work hard, play hard. This is just one of the logos that today’s youth use to describe the emerging need to entertain yourself or to be entertained. While good entertainment varies from one individual to another, it is generally accepted that “all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Whether you are a child, or a grown up, you need to find a way to entertain yourself after a long day at school, or at work. This article with therefore try to make known to you, the different types of entertainment that are available in this century.

Sports entertainment

This is the world of men. Not to say that women do not enjoy watching or participating in sports activities, but the higher percentage of human beings that love this type of entertainment are men. Football takes the crown when it comes to sports entertainment. A large number of people are willing to spend their time watching or participating on this sport as a means of entertainment. Some are even willing to spend their money in making bets to determine who might be the winner of a particular game. Football clubs and club owners also garner a lot of money in terms of selling tickets for matches.

Countries also have national football teams that compete against other countries to gain recognition and trophies. Many, if not all continents host intercontinental football competitions to determine which country has the best national team. Besides this, there are several other annual competitions that take place all around the word, depending on the country, and the club.

Federation International de Football Association, also known as FIFA is the managerial board that is responsible for all matters pertaining to football. They set up and schedule the dates and venues of all competitions, the biggest of which, is the World Cup. This takes place once in every four years and the countries which want to host the event, write an application to FIFA sighting their reasons for wanting to host the event and their capability in terms of hosting the event.

FIFA then chooses and announces the country whose application is approved. The World cup is an event that brings out all the best national football teams, to compete in one event, and to determine which country has the years’ football champions. It is a highly anticipated sports event and therefore serves the purpose of entertaining many people.

Arts and Cultural entertainment

This form of entertainment is unique to a very small percentage of human beings. It involves visiting art galleries to see new or famous art pieces, visiting museums to know the history of certain nations, and even to walk around specific region to learn their culture and their values. While this seems boring to many, the few that engage in it, know its value. Arts and culture also includes watching skits or listening to poems as a form of entertainment. This category of entertainment often challenges the mind into a deeper form of thinking in trying to analyze, and to relate to what the artist is trying to communicate.


Now this is probably the most commonly used form of entertainment. Music, as it is known, is sound that is pleasing to the ear. Most people tend to listen to music as it has a certain effect of calming their stressed minds. Most people, even in the ancient days, used music to keep them company as they did their work.

The ongoing development in terms of technology has played a wide role in making music the most popular form of entertainment. In almost all equipment’s that are sold to date, there is always a means for you to play music. Radios are available in cars, phones, lifts and many more equipment. This makes it possible for people to listen to music from any home to the workplace.

Unlike sports or arts and culture, whereby one has to go to a specific place, at a specific time, in order to watch or view what they want; music is available to the listener instantaneously. It only requires the push of a button. One does not need to have free time in order to listen to music; neither do they have to pay for it. If you own a phone, a car, a computer or even a laptop, then you probably have a built in radio and you can therefore listen to music at your own command.