Musicians Who Are Single Handedly Dominating The Music Industry

It is an established fact that music is one of the most popular types of entertainment. The estimated time that an average song takes at this current time is 3 to 5 minutes. It is increasingly hard for a singer or song writer to fit meaningful words that rhyme in this given amount of time. However, this does not mean it is impossible. This article will take a look at a few musical artists who have taken the world at a storm, and contributed to the growth of the music industry.


This musicians’ first debut was in a girl group originally consisting of four girls known as the ‘Destiny’s child’. While this group began while she was still a teenager, she played a large role in making it known to the world. The group however had some issues and two members left.

In an effort to maintain the group, Beyonce, and one of the other remaining singers’ reqruited one more girl and made ‘Destiny’s child’ a three African American girl group. This too, however, did not last long. After sometime, the group was dismantled due to some personal issues and everyone decided to debut themselves as individual musicians.

This is when Beyonce established her brand name. In an effort to realize her dreams, and to ‘prove a point to the world’, as most people term it, she released hit song, after hit song. She originally focused her songs in the R&B genre of music, but has however broadened her reach to a bit of rap and soul music too.

With Instagram followers of over fifty million people and hitting platinum in the sale of her albums, Beyonce has come to be known as one of the world’s favorite musicians. If this is not enough, she is one of the world’s best performing artists. With her ability to release and perform timeless music, Beyonce undisputedly known as the queen of R&B.

Niki Minaj

Now this is a female artist of African American descent that has also taken the world by storm. ‘Niki’, as most people refer to her, is a female rap musician. This is a type of music industry that most female musicians shy away from. It is a male dominated genre, but she, however, has printed her name into the wall of fame. In the beginning, Niki Minaj was not generally embraced by the world as her style of rap was somewhat different, and it had been a while since a female rap musician had a song debut.

The world was not very receptive of her, but through her persistence and hard work, most people have come to love and appreciate her music. She has, for a number of years since she begun won the award for the best female rap artist, in many musical award ceremonies, year after year.

A new female artist by the name if ‘Iggy Azalea’, has however recently emerged and has begun to threaten Nikis’ stance as the world’s best female rap artist. Iggy Azalea is of Australian descent and is currently Niki Minajs’ number one competitor.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a female musician of American descent who chose to debut herself as a country singer in her mid teenage years. She won several awards in her early musical years and is still winning more to date. Taylor, as she is well known is a singer, a song writer, and she also plays several instruments. The world embraced this young American girl when she released her first album and her fame has continued to grow since them. Her songs are not only one of the most viewed songs on you tube, some with billions of views, but she is also the woman with the most Instagram followers. Her followers on Instagram alone are over sixty million.

She caused a social media frenzy a few years ago, when she decided to completely transition her musical genre. Taylor decided to stop singing country music, and she then had a debut of her first pop album, selling millions of copies worldwide. This was contrary to critiques expectations. Taylor is not only an award winning singer and song writer, but is also a performing artist. She has held several world tours, in different countries around the world, and has had her tickets sold out before each show. She is also a fashion icon, and a role model to many of the youth who are her followers and her diehard fans.