5 Misconceptions That People Have Regarding Success In The Music Business

Keith Richards once remarked that a musician is just as good as they last thing they put out there. Most people have grand dreams of what they want to achieve in the music industry. They think that fame and fortune will fall into their lap on the first try. One hit wonders have this mentality and the fame and fortune they will accrue melts away with a snap of the fingers.

For one to forge a career that is timeless and one that endures everything that time will throw at it, a lot of hard work must be done behind the scenes. However, for this to happen, it is important to address the various misconceptions that people have regarding the music business. This article explores the 5 misconceptions that people need to address before they can position themselves for success.

1. You don’t need some form of music education in order to succeed

Most people who want to be rock stars think that they don’t need to cultivate a new set of skills in order to succeed. To them, all they need is just to know how to write together a song and put together an ensemble_ that is it.

The harsh truth is that you need to some form of music education if you are to enjoy some modicum of success and longevity in the music industry.

Talent and skill are but a small fraction of what it takes to succeed in the music industry. It is important that one exercise their mind as well. To this end, enrolling for a music course won’t hurt. In fact, the basic knowledge that one gains from the classes will prove invaluable when you are looking to make great gains in your career in the future.

2. You don’t need a mentor who has made it in the business

Most people are in a hurry to prove it to themselves and others that they have what it takes to succeed in the music business. They will tread that lonely road alone. If they are lucky, they will find success somewhere along the way. However, going it alone is filled with a lot of frustration and desperation.

If only they had a mentor, someone to show them the ropes, they won’t be stuck in this vicious circle of doing all they can to succeed and failing anyway.

The problem with most people who want to success in the music industry is that they don’t to learn from those that succeeded before them. To them, they want to bring something new into the mix.

If you are to get something new, you need to learn the old and build from that. This is where a mentor comes in. His expertise will prove invaluable to those that want to succeed in this this cutthroat industry.

3. Working full time on something else

Granted that breaking into the music industry can be a very scary journey. Success is not guaranteed right away. Most people who want to break into the music industry don’t do music full time. Instead, they pursue a full time job with music as a side gig.

While one has to pay their bills in one way or another, if take the full time job route, you are killing your chances of success in the business. If you truly convinced that you have what it takes to succeed in the music business, then you should commit yourself to music. It is very scary at first and you might experience lean times ahead, but it will be worth in the end when you make it.

4. I can make it on my own

If you are a one-man musician, marketing, accounting and publicist show, you will wear yourself out. Most musicians who try to go it their own way often believe that if they go it their own, they can take all the credit for the success they create for themselves. This is a fallacy.

If one is to be successful, they must have a team to help them make it happen. They will need people with a different skillset than they have to manage you as a brand and bring you success.

5. All it takes is the internet to get discovered

If you are to get discovered, the internet is just one of the tools at your disposal. You must employ more than one marketing tool so that you can get your brand out there for people to judge.

Once, those aforementioned misconceptions are addressed, then one can have a great music career ahead of them.