Musicians Who Are Single Handedly Dominating The Music Industry

It is an established fact that music is one of the most popular types of entertainment. The estimated time that an average song takes at this current time is 3 to 5 minutes. It is increasingly hard for a singer or song writer to fit meaningful words that rhyme in this given amount of time. However, this does not mean it is impossible. This article will take a look at a few musical artists who have taken the world at a storm, and contributed to the growth of the music industry.


This musicians’ first debut was in a girl group originally consisting of four girls known as the ‘Destiny’s child’. While this group began while she was still a teenager, she played a large role in making it known to the world. The group however had some issues and two members left.

In an effort to maintain the group, Beyonce, and one of the other remaining singers’ reqruited one more girl and made ‘Destiny’s child’ a three African American girl group. This too, however, did not last long. After sometime, the group was dismantled due to some personal issues and everyone decided to debut themselves as individual musicians.

This is when Beyonce established her brand name. In an effort to realize her dreams, and to ‘prove a point to the world’, as most people term it, she released hit song, after hit song. She originally focused her songs in the R&B genre of music, but has however broadened her reach to a bit of rap and soul music too.

With Instagram followers of over fifty million people and hitting platinum in the sale of her albums, Beyonce has come to be known as one of the world’s favorite musicians. If this is not enough, she is one of the world’s best performing artists. With her ability to release and perform timeless music, Beyonce undisputedly known as the queen of R&B.

Niki Minaj

Now this is a female artist of African American descent that has also taken the world by storm. ‘Niki’, as most people refer to her, is a female rap musician. This is a type of music industry that most female musicians shy away from. It is a male dominated genre, but she, however, has printed her name into the wall of fame. In the beginning, Niki Minaj was not generally embraced by the world as her style of rap was somewhat different, and it had been a while since a female rap musician had a song debut.

The world was not very receptive of her, but through her persistence and hard work, most people have come to love and appreciate her music. She has, for a number of years since she begun won the award for the best female rap artist, in many musical award ceremonies, year after year.

A new female artist by the name if ‘Iggy Azalea’, has however recently emerged and has begun to threaten Nikis’ stance as the world’s best female rap artist. Iggy Azalea is of Australian descent and is currently Niki Minajs’ number one competitor.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a female musician of American descent who chose to debut herself as a country singer in her mid teenage years. She won several awards in her early musical years and is still winning more to date. Taylor, as she is well known is a singer, a song writer, and she also plays several instruments. The world embraced this young American girl when she released her first album and her fame has continued to grow since them. Her songs are not only one of the most viewed songs on you tube, some with billions of views, but she is also the woman with the most Instagram followers. Her followers on Instagram alone are over sixty million.

She caused a social media frenzy a few years ago, when she decided to completely transition her musical genre. Taylor decided to stop singing country music, and she then had a debut of her first pop album, selling millions of copies worldwide. This was contrary to critiques expectations. Taylor is not only an award winning singer and song writer, but is also a performing artist. She has held several world tours, in different countries around the world, and has had her tickets sold out before each show. She is also a fashion icon, and a role model to many of the youth who are her followers and her diehard fans.

5 Crucial Determinant Of Success In The Music Industry

However, not everyone with talent gets to make it to the big time. Sometimes it is luck, other times, it is something more elaborate and planned. Overall, if you want success in this ever changing industry, then there are key determinants of success you must be keen on and utilizing them to you advantage.

Below are the key determinants to building a great music career

1. Setting goals based on what you want and not what is realistic

Most people would argue that is only pragmatic to set realistic goals that you can achieve. However, the music business is a bit different.
Sure a healthy dose of pragmatism is vital in decision making but on goal setting, not necessarily.

If you ask those who have made it before you, a majority, if not all, will tell you that they set goals that were based on what they wanted and not what life threw at them.

Immense belief in what you are doing is what is going to propel you forward in this industry. Maybe the circumstances that you are facing at the moment are not the ideal ones, but believing in your goals and what you want will ensure that you persevere through that momentary entanglement. Eventually, you will achieve what you want if you truly set your heart to getting it.

2. Manifest Your Musical Dreams Into Reality Before They Actually Are Reality

Never start from where you are. Instead, focus on working backwards: imagine that you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself; the lifestyle and all the trappings of success that music brings. It is only when you believe that you are already a big hit that you can actually go on and make that big hit of your own. Think of it as being king before you are actually crowned. All your subsequent movements will be animated with a sense of royalty making you stand out from the crowd of people who started from where they were and worked towards where they needed to be.

3. Take action no matter how scary it is

Knowing that you have what it takes to succeed in the music industry and sitting on your posterior won’t get the job done. You have to stand up and take action.

Achieving the goals you have set for yourself requires one to take necessary action. This means that you have to take break down the goal you have set and find out what the actions need to be taken to ensure fruition.

After you have known the necessary steps, it is important that you maintain consistency in following them. Never stray until the goal you have set is achieved.

4. Have key motivators for success

As was highlighted earlier, it might be very scary to take the required action but action must be taken. Along the way, you might be tempted to give up on your goal for musical success. This is where compelling reasons come into play.

When you venture into the world of music, you need to have important reasons to keep doing what you are doing. One key reason that has worked for many is the thought of returning to a dead end job. Usually, these jobs symbolize a feeling worse than death and people will do their level best to avoid going back there.

Another compelling reason is to provide a better life for you and yours. The thought of escaping poverty and a rough time for your kin has served as a great incentive to people looking to get ahead in life.

In essence these key motivators are designed to give you a jolt should you happen to slack off and derelict your duty.

5. Have a great team around

Just as iron sharpens iron, it is important that you have a great team of people in your corner if you are to succeed in the music industry. The four aforementioned keys won’t work if you don’t have a great team around. They will keep you grounded and focused at the tasks at hand.

One particular person you should have in your corner is a mentor. A mentor will provide you with invaluable insights about the business and life after the business. They are to impart the experience they have gained over the years to you; this should enable you make smart choices in the long run.

The music industry has very many areas of focus and it is important that the team you select be good at these areas.

The aforementioned keys, when adhered will lead to a modicum of success in the long run.

A Pop Of Culture In The Amazing World Of Music

Music is sound that is pleasing to the ear. That is the general description that is used worldwide to explain what music is. Although the pleasantries of these sounds may differ from person to person, music has the ability to bring people together from all walks of life. Regardless of your status in the society, or your race or even your body type, music t can still bring a united front and break down all the barriers set up by human descriptions.

Music has evolved with the passing of time, and some, if not all, genres of music hold certain historical values or certain significance to its listeners. Jazz music, for instance is related to a time in history where ‘the black’ were being colonized. It is a type of instrumental music believed to have been started by the African American people in the olden times. While many other genres of music have evolved to great extents, jazz music still seems to hold certain significance to its listeners. Its ability to retain its rich value is what keeps its funs interested and therefore constant.

Another genre of music that has quite an effect on people is rock music. The history of this genre is often related to a musician known as Elvis. While rock music is not as old as jazz is, it has evolved since its debut. At this current time, rock music has been sub divided into several other genres of rock. This includes, and is certainly not limited to, soft rock, hard rock (also known as metal rock), alternative rock, and gothic rock.

A brief description of the above mentioned categories, will help us understand what each category entails. Soft rock, for instance involves a certain type of music that is often slow in pace and a bit soothing to the ears. It differs from metallic rock, in that; it often brings a peaceful mood to the listener. Hard rock, on the other hand, is a type of music that involves a lot of shouting and hitting of instruments in a fast and often vigorous manner. This type of rock hardly brings calm, but rather, it helps free the listeners mind and body from any stress or tension they may have. This music often involves a lot of curse words.

Dance music is also another type of music that has evolved with time. At first, it was completely nonexistent. But since the development of certain equipment, dance music was created. This type of music involves sounds that have been created through the use of computerized systems. This means that they are not played from natural man made equipment, but rather, from computers and other equipment. Dance music is often associated with clubs and disco lights as this is the place whereby it is most played.

Pop music. This is our next area of concentration, and the area that has drawn most of the attention of the youth of today. Pop music was derived from the term ‘popular music’. It is one of the most recent genres of music which is not really limited to a specific history or style, but rather, to the mere fact that it has a popular tune. It is a type of music that is constantly evolving. Most listeners are drawn to the sound of these songs but the unfortunate thing is that it is not timeless. Pop musicians have the challenge of constantly trying to create pop music that is pleasing to the ears, while still being somewhat timeless.

Another type of music that requires our concentration is country music. Now this genre of music is not really historical per say, but is largely associated with a certain ‘type’ of people. The singers and listeners of this type of music are from certain parts of the world that are not very urban. They prefer to live the ‘farm life’ the ‘country life’ as most people call it. This music is associated with farmers and ranch owners. However, the pop of culture has evolved this type of music, therefore making it pleasing to many, even those who do not consider farming as their way of life.

The country music that is being sung and performed today is not the same as the older country music. Today’s’ country music has a great influence from pop music, which has given rise to a certain fast paced genre of country music which is sometimes termed as pop country music.

5 Misconceptions That People Have Regarding Success In The Music Business

Keith Richards once remarked that a musician is just as good as they last thing they put out there. Most people have grand dreams of what they want to achieve in the music industry. They think that fame and fortune will fall into their lap on the first try. One hit wonders have this mentality and the fame and fortune they will accrue melts away with a snap of the fingers.

For one to forge a career that is timeless and one that endures everything that time will throw at it, a lot of hard work must be done behind the scenes. However, for this to happen, it is important to address the various misconceptions that people have regarding the music business. This article explores the 5 misconceptions that people need to address before they can position themselves for success.

1. You don’t need some form of music education in order to succeed

Most people who want to be rock stars think that they don’t need to cultivate a new set of skills in order to succeed. To them, all they need is just to know how to write together a song and put together an ensemble_ that is it.

The harsh truth is that you need to some form of music education if you are to enjoy some modicum of success and longevity in the music industry.

Talent and skill are but a small fraction of what it takes to succeed in the music industry. It is important that one exercise their mind as well. To this end, enrolling for a music course won’t hurt. In fact, the basic knowledge that one gains from the classes will prove invaluable when you are looking to make great gains in your career in the future.

2. You don’t need a mentor who has made it in the business

Most people are in a hurry to prove it to themselves and others that they have what it takes to succeed in the music business. They will tread that lonely road alone. If they are lucky, they will find success somewhere along the way. However, going it alone is filled with a lot of frustration and desperation.

If only they had a mentor, someone to show them the ropes, they won’t be stuck in this vicious circle of doing all they can to succeed and failing anyway.

The problem with most people who want to success in the music industry is that they don’t to learn from those that succeeded before them. To them, they want to bring something new into the mix.

If you are to get something new, you need to learn the old and build from that. This is where a mentor comes in. His expertise will prove invaluable to those that want to succeed in this this cutthroat industry.

3. Working full time on something else

Granted that breaking into the music industry can be a very scary journey. Success is not guaranteed right away. Most people who want to break into the music industry don’t do music full time. Instead, they pursue a full time job with music as a side gig.

While one has to pay their bills in one way or another, if take the full time job route, you are killing your chances of success in the business. If you truly convinced that you have what it takes to succeed in the music business, then you should commit yourself to music. It is very scary at first and you might experience lean times ahead, but it will be worth in the end when you make it.

4. I can make it on my own

If you are a one-man musician, marketing, accounting and publicist show, you will wear yourself out. Most musicians who try to go it their own way often believe that if they go it their own, they can take all the credit for the success they create for themselves. This is a fallacy.

If one is to be successful, they must have a team to help them make it happen. They will need people with a different skillset than they have to manage you as a brand and bring you success.

5. All it takes is the internet to get discovered

If you are to get discovered, the internet is just one of the tools at your disposal. You must employ more than one marketing tool so that you can get your brand out there for people to judge.

Once, those aforementioned misconceptions are addressed, then one can have a great music career ahead of them.

How To Improve The Way You Play

One of the many questions that musical instructors usually get are what it takes to be the best. The answer is usually the same: practice and more practice. As part of training, it is important to examine various historical figures and how they came to succeed in the field they came to be known for. History has a way of glorifying the end product and not the process. It is as though is that only a few are truly blessed with immense talent. Child prodigies are a testament to this. However, a child prodigy cannot simply just sit down and play beautifully; a lot of work has to take place behind the scenes. No one sees the countless hours of practice. At the end of the practices, everything seems effortless. But what if practice could make your playing worse?

As children, most our parents at one time insisted that we take up an instrument and learn to play it. Few actually continue playing the instruments after learning the basics. What happened to the others? Boredom and mental exhaustion has a lot to do with it; the kids are taxed and the instrument doesn’t seem as fun to learn anymore. Most instructors don’t pick up on this and they insist on more practice. The quality of the practice doesn’t matter, as long as it is done and this is where they fail.

Practicing is fine. You can practice all day if you like and still not get anywhere. However, there is a better way. Perfect practice is the answer. Practice with a purpose so that you can get the most out of those practice sessions. What is perfect practice?

For starters, it is important that you make the practices fun. It is crucial that you that look forward to the practice session with childish glee. When the practice is fun, retention is very easy and to some extent effortless.

Another element of perfect practice is interrogation. You have to know what you are doing wrong while playing the instrument. It is very difficult to unlearn some things because it was probably the way we learnt to do them. If you learn to play the wrong way, you need to pick up on these bad habits. During your training session, you need to record your sessions on video. Pour over the footage and keep an eye out for those small things that keep getting in the way.

The right state of mind and body is crucial. When you have great health while you are practicing, then it is easy for you to acquire the new skills of playing that you are pursuing. With regard to state of mind, it is important to highlight that human beings are not wired for creation of music. Learning to play an instrument is a muscle memory function_ it has to be learnt so that it can be executed without even thinking. For muscles to be strong they must be exercised in order to be strong.

While you are training, avoid training by instinct. It might feel right to do so but you are doing more damage than good to your skills. Another area where most instructors fail is that they emphasize the ‘what’ to practice rather than the how. The problem with the ‘what’ is that it is regurgitated material that you constantly have to rehash. The how emphasizes learning a new skill easily and without rehashing new materials.

In training a musical instrument, you have to pay particular attention to the musicality. Practice has to be approached from the stand point that you are playing in front of an audience. The tones must be pitch perfect. Every practice session must provide you with an result; you are either getting better or are denigrating. That is why it is recommended that you pour over the footage from your training session. Alternatively, you can have a tutor during your training situation.

If you are an advance player, everything might seem to be okay. However, you still have to pay attention to the form of the practice. Anticipation works very well for this.

Preparing for a show

At one time, you will have to perform in front of an audience. Some people have stage fright and other don’t. If you are one of the former, then you need to condition yourself so that you can get over the nerves that come while you are performing. Try performing in front of a mirror first and then graduate to small crowds of friends. Latehhr on, you can do shows on the street as you prepare for the big stage.

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A Historical Journey Of The Evolution Of Music – Culture And Music

All things that don’t change, die. Music is one perfect example of this. Genres of music have changed consistently over time. This trend is reflected by the type of music that is en vogue; what is popular now becomes yesterday’s news very quickly. For people seeking to make forays into the music industry, it is important that they adapt the style to the taste of the time so that they remain relevant.

This evolution of music has been attributed to the changes in technology and shifts in culture. In music, there is freedom to create something entirely new. People like Mozart, pushed the envelope in classical music when he delved deep into opera or how John Coltrane changed the way people viewed jazz. In other words, convention were challenged at every turn.

Culture is the main driving force behind the change in music. The middle ages represented this shift in music. Before that period, playing music was limited to only taverns and the church. As people’s tastes changed and gravitated toward classical music, the ruling class employed classical musicians to play in their courts. There was sense of opulence in courts that had talented musicians that could dazzle crowds. Dogma in the classical arena crept but as when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stepped into the scene, the shift rippled through the musical world for almost two centuries.

Detroit played centre stage to the radical shift in music. The Big Band espoused this shift in by playing new catchy tunes in the 1920s. This style also permeated Europe and other parts of the world.

The creation of the electric guitar by Adolf Rickenbacker in the late 20s altered music for good. It is was the first true test of electricity and how it is used to amplify instruments.

The shift in music wouldn’t be shift without mentioning Jazz into the mix and it was affected greatly by the creation of the electric guitar. Before the emergence of the electric guitar, it was very difficult to incorporate the rhythms of the guitar. Somehow, the electric guitar changed all this. Jazz marked a turning point in music because it went against all conventions that people held about music. Most people who belonged to the old school of thought about music though it too undisciplined and too noisy for their tastes. However, melodic tunes that came from Jazz musicians heralded a new style of music that was to be ultimate symbol of rebellion_ Rock and Roll.

Rock and Rock has had a lot of icons but the one who has stood as the face of this genre is Elvis Presley. His 1954 hit, ‘That’s alright mama’ is touted as the first Rock n Roll hit but critics still debate whether or not it belongs to that genre. Elvis’ guitar riffs showed that a music had evolved from the ‘undisciplined’ Jazz to a ‘rebellious’ Rock n Roll. Just like a Jazz was a statement against oppression, Rock n Roll was a testament to rebellion and the unending quest of rebellion.

As the shift in music happened in the 60s and 70s, technology changed tremendously and affected the music industry. People could add a variety of effects to their songs and, Pop and Disco were born. Discos catchy melodies meant that people could dance to it regardless of experience; all you had was just to dance and have a good time. Influences of Rock n Roll could be felt in the beats of the various disco hits of the time.

It is very easy to come to the conclusion that shifts in music are simply positive or negative. Not all shifts are entirely bad and neither are they entirely good. There are some genres of music like Rap have received a bad rep because of the language used in the lyrics. The artistic aspect of the song is overlooked just because of this. Some rap songs are filled with great messages that people end up not listening to.

Culture is greatly affected by the music of the time. Another area of life affected by music, is fashion. Over time, there have different styles the find their influence in the music of the time, like baggy jeans in the heyday of rap and tight leopard print pants, of the rock and roll era. In essence, culture and music enjoy a direct relationship of sorts and if there was stalling of culture, then there would be no shift in music and vice versa.