Top 10 Highly Anticipated Movies Of 2016

The box office is expected to show a variety of great movies this year. In essence, if you are like the movie theatre experience, you will treasure this year because this when the major releases are coming out. For some reason, studios have invested a lot in getting people to go the movies. In essence, the movie goer is spoilt for choice in regard to the movies that they are likely to see. Below is a brief dissection of the highly anticipated movies of the year.

1. Captain America: Civil War

What happens when a ‘bromance’ goes wrong? When your best friend from the past shows up just when things with your new best friend start going good? What if you gave one guy an impenetrable robot suit and another a serum that makes him not only super strong, but agile as well? Civil War that’s what. Marvel Studios have come up with a third instalment of the Captain America franchise. In a nutshell, billionaire genius inventor and all round incorrigible Tony Stark go head to head with the likeable Steve Rodgers and Bucky Barnes. Who will emerge victorious? Guess we have to wait until May 5th this year to find out.

2. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The battle between the icons of justice is predicted to be epic. Zack Snyder has put out all the stops to ensure that we have an unforgettable cinematic experience. ‘The Last Son of Krypton’ goes toe to toe with ‘The Dark Knight’. Two interesting questions will be finally answered: Does a god bleed and whether Ben Affleck will fit or even exceed the large shoes left by Christian Bale. Zack Snyder has done as much as he can to ensure that the movie is similar to the comics.

3. Hail Caesar

The Coen Brothers (Fargo) are directing this golden age story. They direct a star studded cast of Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin, Jonah Hill, Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton. With those many stars in one movie, what could go wrong?

4. Dead pool

We saw him in Wolverine origins: an uninspired, loud-mouthed killing machine whose lips were sewn shut because he talked too much. The Marvel Universe has a lot of characters but Deadpool hasn’t been represented in the way that most people know him from comics. However, this year, they get another bite at the cherry with this movie but will dazzle as the other X-men franchises and Spiderman?

5. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

After almost shattering Box office records set by James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is aim for another bite of the cherry. Felicity Jones is set to reprise her role in this movie. However, the icing on the cake has to be the villain that will be played by Mads Mikkelsen, the titular character in the cancelled NBC series Hannibal.

6. Assassin’s Creed

There has been no shortage of the video game to screen failures, there are always those franchises that have waiting with bated breath. Assassin’s Creed is expected to be one of the latter. A high power cast is expected to feature with Michael Fassbender leading the charge.

7. Steve Jobs

While Ashton Kutcher’s spin on this brilliant IT icon was okay, it is expected that Danny Boyle will bring Michael Fassbender’s Jobs to life on screen. However, seeing is believing and most of us expect that this spin will shed more insight about the man. You should expect to see it on screens on February 4.

8. Spotlight

The uncovering of the Catholic Church’s child abuse scandal a few years back by a dedicated team of The Boston Globe sent tongues wagging. Tom McCarthy directs a stellar ensemble case of Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton in this much anticipated flick. It is expected to hit cinemas on January 28.

9. Finding Dory

Pixar are awesome at animations and everything they touch simply turns into gold. This movie is expected to be a very huge hit as Ellen DeGeneres voicing Dory. Other cast members are Idris Elba, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill and Ty Burell.

10. Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling has come up with the screenplay of her adaptation of her 2001 book. This is a first in many slated to come. Oscar Award winner, Eddie Redmayne is the leading man, Newt Scamander. Will the lady who gave us the amazing Harry Potter series deliver?

CREED: Altering The Course Of The Rocky Balboa Legend

There was some skepticism that young director, Ryan Coogler was up to the task of doing justice to the Rocky franchise. However, Stallone took a gamble on this young son of a gun and it paid off. Everything from the outset about this movie screamed maverick. For starters, Stallone was to be a supporting actor and there would a new protagonist in the mix Michael B. Jordan.

From the outset, the difference between this film and other ‘Rocky’ films is clear. Director Ryan Coogler presents a delicious story that is quiet mesmerizing and heart rending tale quite different than what we are accustomed to in Rocky films.

Everything from the Rocky mythology has been tested in this movie: from the ultimate underdog story to a guy in his prime and then to an individual who lives his remaining days away from the sport. When the title was Creed and not Rocky 7, there was a sense of anticipation surrounding the release. Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weather, from Rocky 1 through 4 was at first Rocky Balboa’s rival in the first two releases. They only become friends in the third and fourth until Apollo’s death in the hands of the Russian Bear, Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren.

One of the most memorable moments in the series was the last fight in Rock 3 where Rocky and Apollo take to the ring in one last time. We wonder who won the last fight between them_ a question that is asked later in the film.

In Creed, Coogler enters a new central character in the film, Apollo’s son, Adonis Johnson. Apollo had had an affair and Adonis was the product of that affair. The film starts with Adonis engaging in a very scrappy fight while his in a detention centre. From the outset, we realize that Adonis doesn’t want to be associated with the Apollo’s name but embodies his late father’s fighting spirit. After his mother’s death, Adonis is bounced from foster home to group home to foster home.

However, the movie has a new twist when Mary Anne Creed, played Phylicia Rashad, Apollo’s wife tracks Adonis down and adopts him. She doesn’t want him to fight or prove himself as a fighting legacy – A Creed.

On the other hand, Adonis does the complete opposite of what his mother wants he wants to fight. In the end, he becomes a self-taught boxer who is quite hungry to succeed in the boxing arena. Adonis up and quits his plum job after getting a promotion so that he can become full time.

Adonis moves to Philadelphia to pursue fighting full time and there he meets his father’s friend. They hit it off right away filling each other’s need for a father figure and ideal son as the movie progresses.

In Philadelphia, Adonis is struggling to find a place to call his as opposed to riding the legacy that is before him. While there, he meets a very beautiful neighbor, Bianca, played by Tessa Thomson, and they eventually becomes lovers.

True to the plot of the series, Adonis gets a chance to go toe to toe with a champion. It seems quite farfetched considering Adonis’ unknown status as a fighter_ he had some fights in Mexico prior to moving to Philly but they were unsanctioned by a professional boxing association. Hence, most people don’t feel like he deserved it but as the fight draws nearer, we get to so a person who struggle to prove it to himself and to all that he does indeed deserve them.

Throughout the movie, there is a naturalness of the scenes_ Stallone and Jordan don’t just act, they are actually the characters they play. There is a kind of symbiosis between the Adonis and Balboa where they help each other cope with the situations that come before the actual fight.

In the actual fights, there is a diversion from standard fight choreography. In Adonis’ first fight with Rocky in his corner, one gets to feel the energy and wisdom move from seasoned fighter, Balboa to Adonis. It is a kind of dance where the first round is full uncut fight. Coogler doesn’t disappoint in the main fight either. The mix of sound and visual effects in a way makes us feel as though we are in the fight ourselves.

Creed has proved itself as a totally different film other than a comeback. Viewers are in for a treat as Creed proves to be the beginning of a very special character.

Why The Revenant Is Bound To Leo That Belated Oscar For The Best Actor

What makes a great movie? Is it a great cast, script, budgeting, director or a composite? One thing is for sure, for a movie to receive so much critical acclaim, it must come up with the goods. Alejandro Innaritu’s, ‘The Revenant’ is a movie that embodies all the aforementioned qualities and then some.

After having received critical acclaim for critics the world over, ‘The Revenant’ is still captivating audiences with its brutality and it’s personification of the passion exemplified by all the players in its making. When you display as much passion as the crew and cast of this masterpiece have done, then you are bound to come up with a work of beauty.

For most who are unfamiliar with Alejandro Innaritu’s work, the most recent work and most talked about, before ‘The Revenant’, was ‘Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)’. This was a movie that went the distance as far being nominate for the 2015 Academy Awards for the Best Picture, which it eventually lost out to ‘The Theory of Everything’. The intensity that went into making that movie was surpassed by ‘The Revenant’. All the critics agree that this movie displayed exemplary focus and commitment from cast and crew.

So what is the background of the movie?

For starters, it is based on the 2002 book by Michael Punke. The central character is 19th Century American explorer, Hugh Glass who metes out his revenge on those who left him behind after a bear attack.

In the movie, Hugh Glass is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie starts with a hunting party of trappers and hunters are driven away from the mountains by the Arikara Indians. A brutal battle ensue with just half the hunting party barely making it out alive. Led by Captain Andrew Henry, played by, Domhnall Gleeson, the hunters escape but are pursued relentlessly by the Arikara.

During the course of the escape, Hugh Glass gets separated from the group and is mauled by female grizzly bear. Hugh is seriously injured but manages to shoot and then stab the bear.

Hugh’s injuries are very serious and John Fitzgerald, played by Tom Hardy, suggests that they kill him because he is ‘slowing’ them down. Henry is reluctant to do the dirty job, instead opting to pay a few of the men to stay behind with Glass. Fitzgerald throws cold water on that suggestion after two boys volunteer, saying that all of them will die. The boys retract their participation prompting Henry to up the money. A greedy Fitzgerald gleefully agrees to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of Glass.

After the party leaves, Fitzgerald attempts to kill Glass but is interrupted by Hawk, Glass’s son. Fitzgerald kills Hawk and covers up his crime after Bridger asks him about his whereabouts. He concocts some story that Hawk was accosted by and killed by the Arikara at the river and suggests to Bridger that they abandon Glass. Bridger agrees and they leave Glass to die.

Fitzgerald and Bridger eventually reach their barracks outpost where they find Captain Henry. When Henry inquires about Glass’ health, Fitzgerald, batting an eye, blatantly lied that Hawk and Glass succumbed to the elements.

Meanwhile, Glass tries his best to make his way home. In his journey back, he encounters a lot of hardship. His most difficult moment is when he is forced to flee the Arikara by jumping off a cliff with a horse, injuring him further.

After a few days, a Frenchman makes his way to Henry’s outpost with Glass’s canteen prompting speculation that he, the Frenchman, had stolen it from Glass. Henry organizes a search party that eventually discovers Glass’s alive.

Upon discovering the Glass is alive and his deception has been brought to the fore, Fitzgerald breaks into the safe, get the money and then flees.

The climactic moment of the movie is the final showdown between Glass and Fitzgerald at a river. Instead of killing Fitzgerald, Glass gives him to the furious Arikara tribe.

The Praise

From the beginning to the end, we root for Glass who embodies what we all aspire to be; resilient in the face insurmountable odds.

Leo’s performance as Glass is award worthy as he makes us emotionally invested in him to the very end. While his past performances in past films have been extraordinary in the past, this one proves to the best one yet. However, with Leo, his next dazzling performance is round the next corner.

Horror Movies To Be On The Lookout For In 2016

2016 promises to be a delicious treat for horror movies. It consists of remakes, sequels and prequels of classics. In this year, you should expect, Leatherface, Amityville: Awakening, The Purge 3, The Conjuring 2, Rings and Phantasm 4. If you want to get your pulse racing, then following films will not only do that but also keep you at the edge of your seat as well.

The Boy

What do you get when you put a life-sized doll and ‘The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan together? A horror movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The Boy is a film about a nanny who gets a job liking after a child in a mansion. However, instead of an actual child, Cohan’s character looks after a life-size doll. Nothing weird about that, right? There are things that she should do to please the doll but things go haywire real fast. Expect it in the UK on Feb 19.


When you have a film that has murderous clowns, terrified carnival workers and Rob Zombie directing it, then you are in for a treat. It is set in 1975 and it follows five carnival workers who are thrust into ‘Murder World’ and are hunted by a gang of murderous clowns.

Nina Forever

When someone you love is taken from you, what do you become? What does your life after this someone turn into? In this movie, you get to see what happens when one’s ex-girlfriend returns from the dead to find you moving on. Find out more when the movie comes out on Feb 12.

The Witch

This Sundance winning film has sent tongues wagging and with good reason_ when you watch, you will forever remain at the edge of your seat. It features a Puritan family that frantically searches for their missing child and the terrifying journey along the way. This movie is slated for release in the US on Feb 26.

The Other Side of the Door

When a desperate mother, played Sarah Wayne Callies, attempts to bring her son back from the dead, only disaster can follow. She makes forays into an ancient temple that serves a gateway to the netherworld but there is one rule_ don’t open the door, which eventually breaks. The doors of Hell are left ajar and what comes out, is as good as anyone’s guess.

This movie is slated for real is March 12.

A Man in the Dark

Fede Alvarez didn’t disappoint when he took the helm of the remake of the age old classic, Evil Dead. Now, audiences can’t wait to see what he will do next with ‘A Man in the Dark’. It is a story about teens who set out to rob a blind billionaire but end up finding themselves in a dire situation.

This movie is slated for release in August 26.

The Neon Demon

When an aspiring model with dreams of having her name in neon lights gets more than she bargained for, you can only guess what happens. The film is directed by uncompromising and unconventional Nicholas Winding Refn. Can’t wait.

The Devil’s Candy

You never quite know what to expect when you move into a haunted house or a house with a dark past until strange things start happening. This film is about a painter who moves his family to a house with a somewhat terrifying history. The occupants of the house are in for a bone chilling ride. This movie is directed by Sean Byrne, creator of “The Loved Ones”.

Death House

When you have a start studded cast of horror legends that have been made history and created iconic characters. It stars Robert Englund, best known for his role as Freddy Krugger, Doug Bradley and many more. This is story of a bunch of murderers that escape a government facility.


This slasher film stars Kiernan Shipka and Emma Roberts. It is a story of a young student who spends winter break at a remote boarding school. Concurrently, there is a lady, Emma Roberts who drifts from town to town. They subsequently cross one another’s paths to dramatic and epic finale.

The Mind’s Eye

In this film, a drifter who has psychokinetic abilities is hunted by an unscrupulous doctor who wants to harness those abilities. It is filled with moments that will keep you on the edge your seat throughout. It is directed by Joe Begos, created of “Almost Human”.

Why The Internet Has Altered The Movie Experience Altogether

The internet, in many quarters, has made life relatively easier. Access to a lot of things has been simplified a lot as long as one has an internet enable device. Most of the products coming off assembly lines are internet enabled. Cars, for instance, have this provision for one to update their Electronic Control Units (E.C.U.) via the internet.

In essence, the internet has permeated every arena of life and the trend doesn’t seem to wane any time soon.

The entire movie experience has been altered. Baby boomers and millennial are familiar with VHS tapes. They were synonymous with the home movie experience. As times have gone, VHS tapes have more or less become obsolete and DVDs seem to be headed that route. Now, people have turned to the internet to view their favourite movies.

So how far have online movie stores permeated? What is the place of brick and mortar stores?

The rise of fibre optic internet connections

Fibre optic internet connections have enable the fast transmission of information. Most people have ditched broadband connections primarily for this reason. People are using fibre optic internet connections to stream movies online without waiting for the videos to buffer.

Since every internet enabled device has LAN port where one can connect an Ethernet cable, those devices that are capable of displaying can play movies.

With fast internet, new and crystal clear pictures abound

When High Definition (HD) came out, people thought that pictures could not get clearer. However, 4K resolution came out and it blew HD right out of the water. More is still to come with 5K resolution in its final stages of development. In short, the future of television is evolving fast and the quality of pictures provided evolving even faster.

What this basically means for movie-goers is that they are in for a new sensory experience every time they stream for a movie.

The quality of the picture affects the speed of the stream but all the same, provided the internet connection is very strong, then you should choose highest quality picture.

More stores and access

Home movies will never be the same. You don’t have to imagine a world in which you don’t have very huge video libraries in your living room. You also don’t have to imagine a world where you have to line up various stores in order to get that movie that you can watch.

Enhanced access to a variety of movies is just one of the side effects that come with movies. Local stores have a limited selection. Because of the economy of space, they have to sacrifice some titles in order to conserve this space.

However, with the internet, anything you want you can find. In fact, all you have to do is to type in the search box of that online store the movie that you want. It is a simple as that.

Another plus that comes with renting a movie from an online store is that you don’t have to pay late fees. When VHS tapes were all the rage, the bane of most people’s existence was to be asked to fork out something extra so in the way of late fees. For some reason, there was always that tape that you didn’t return and it had astronomic fees. The truth is that those fees were a way of those movie stores to make some extra money because rental fees weren’t just cutting it.

However, the internet movie store has eliminated all that. You don’t have to pay late fees anymore. All you have to do is just pay the monthly membership.

Extra features

How did one decide that they wanted to see a particular movie during the VHS days? One way was that people usually acted on the recommendations of friends that this or that movie was very good. For others, they had a glimpse of a movie trailer that enticed them in one way or another. Others would simply just take a leap of faith and watch movie hoping that it was good.

However, the online movies have extra features like trailers and, reviews and ratings. If you needed to make an informed decision, then you had to factor in everything.

Online movie libraries enable you to change language if you so choose. Old VHS tapes didn’t offer one this luxury.

Overall, the internet has changed the movie buff experience completely. You will find that classics have been re-mastered to conform HD for a clear viewing experience. Why not try it out and see if you like.

Still Renting Movies From Your Local Movies Store? Why You Are Missing Out On A Lot By Not Renting Movies Online

Ever wondered why a lot of movie stores around the country are closing up shop? Or why your local movie store isn’t jam packed on the weekend? Well, it has a lot to do with the internet. Nowadays, it is very easy for people to access all the movies they want online.

How comes a lot of people are substituting the home movie experiences with live streams? A lot of it has to do with the lightening quick internet connections facilitated by the installation of fibre optic cables.

Nowadays, the trend is such that everything in our homes is internet enabled. We have a variety of smart television sets on which we can view almost anything on the internet.

So what is will all this hubbub of watching movies online? This article explores the various things you could actually be missing out when you don’t use the internet to view movies.

1. There is a lot of variety to choose from

Local movies stores might not actually have enough space to put movies. In fact, they might end up lacking all the movies that you crave. For example, if there was a movie trilogy and you wanted to watch them at a go, chances are very high that your local store would lack one of the movies that you want. However, when you watch movies online, you have access to a lot of variety. For the most part, it allows people to experience new types of movies that they would normally not watch. If there was movie trilogy that they wanted to watch, they could easily do it from the comfort of their homes.

2. You get to watch it from the comfort of your home

One of the things that the internet has brought us is convenience. If you were located far from the movie store, you had to go with your car or board a bus to get to it. As was mentioned earlier, the lightening quick internet enabled by the presence of fibre optic connections has made this entirely possible. When you have a strong internet connection, you eliminate the to and fro movement from your local store just to get and return the movie you had borrowed.

3. You make a lot of savings on movies

Netflix vs Blockbuster? Most people gravitate toward Netflix and other online movie stores primarily because of the cost component associated with them. They are cost less than Blockbuster and other brick and mortar stores. With brick and mortar stores, they have to charge to more in order for them to realize a profit. However, Netflix and other online stores don’t have to charge you extra just to line up their pockets.

4. The movies you want are available at any time

Ever walked into your favourite store with a lot of pep in your step, looking forward to getting your favourite movie. As soon as you go to the shelf, you find that the movie you want is not there. Doesn’t that put a damper on your movie night? That is usually the case with a lot of people who visit movie stores. However, when you go to online movie stores, there is no such problem. The movies that you want are available at any time of the day if you want them.

5. No late fees

When you walked into a movie store, there was always this sense of dread that hovered around. You were always worried that there were late fees that racked up. For some reason, you thought it was a ploy to rip you off but since you wanted to continue to rent movies, you never thought much of the charges. When online stores come into the picture, all of this changed. For starters, when your time to rent a movie expired, it expired and you could not play the movie. There were no late charges on your credit card. Most people are in love with the idea of net getting stiffed on late charges.

6. New interactive features

Online movie stores have a wide array of features that one can access. These include, trailers and user reviews. They can be used to find out if a movie is worth watching or not. Trailers offer an insight into whether a movie will be good or not. However, you walked into a movie store with a gut feeling that the movie would be good and end up being disappointed if it was a bust.

These are the primary reasons why you should seriously consider online movies.